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Karla - 

As a Voki Presenter customer you may use the premium 3D characters (and all other premium characters) within your Voki Presentations. But this privilege does not extend to your Free Voki Scenes.

Due to popular demand we intend to change this and make the premium characters available everywhere for Voki Presenter and Voki Classroom customers.

This change will be applied in the coming weeks.

Thanks for your patience while we get this done.
Voki Team

Hi - 
No the site is not down & we are not aware of a problem
What do you see when you try to upgrade?

Any detail will help.
If you'd like to communicate your account info we can examine in more detail
send a note to support@voki.com

the Voki Team
Hi  - 
The problem is in fact affecting every Voki Presenter customer - and we are working on a fix. Unfortunately this cannot be immediately corrected - as the update needs to be both implemented and carefully tested before being applied.

We'd like to provide you with a full refund, but we will not disable your account, but keep active for 3 months extended free trial period. I hope that during this time you will get get to use the product, enjoy it, and hopefully decide to extend further.
Please write a note to support@voki.com so that we may identify your account and provide the refund.

The fix should hopefully be available within the next two weeks - but R&D priorities may push that back a bit.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
The Voki Team

Hi Louis - 
We do not take offence. Rather we on the Voki team appreciate your comments very much. Many of the points are known to us & being worked on. 

90 seconds audio for Voki Presenter is a display error - we are working to resolve (90 sec are supported, but 60 sec are displayed).
Full mobile playback compatibility and PPT import are on our list - working on it.
Export is further down that same list.
Multiple characters on a single slide is not currently a priority. Not sure we understand the benefit. Perhaps you can explain further why this is critical.

Thanks again for taking the time to write to us in such detail. Please do revisit Voki in a few months time to see how we've come along.
The Voki Team
Hi - 
Our team has identified a problem which prevents you from using Premium characters. All Voki Presenter and Voki Classroom users should have unlimited access to all characters. 
We're working to fix this. Stay tuned...
Hello - 
The short answer is - not at the moment.
But we are aware of this problem and are working on a solution.

Please stay tuned - we will communicate further information in the coming weeks.
Thank for taking the trouble of sharing your experience. 
Voki Team
Hi Renier - 
post your email and I'll reset your pswd 
or - send a note to support@voki.com & we will take care of it.

Voki Team
Hello Antonio - 

Check out the instructions here - 

You may also want to learn more about our Voki Presenter product, which enables the creation of Voki presentations.
Please review here - 

Voki Team
Vivian - 
Did you record your voice or use Text-To-Speech?
Can you post a link to your Voki to allow us to hear it?

The Voki Team

You are absolutely right. Here's what happened - 

We have (for some time) had in place a policy that clears *Free* users' content if their account has been "abandoned". Abandoned was defined as no voki playback and no login for two years. 

This policy was never meant to affect Voki Classroom paying subscribers.
However - your students who create Vokis in your Voki classroom account are actually automatically assigned their own implicit account - (so that they interact only with their own content). This is a technical matter behind the Scenes and should normally not concern you. 

What happened is that the students, when logging into their own assignments under the teacher's Voki Classroom account, these students were implicitly provided with *Free* Voki accounts of their own. This was a technical judgement error. Consequently, these students' content became subject to normal Free Voki cleanup policy after two years of inactivity in *their* account.

Upon realizing what happened we have immediately discontinued all disused content cleanup until this process can be re-implemented correctly. Under no circumstances should a Voki Classroom teacher's students' content be deleted - certainly not while their account is active. That was not our intention.

Unfortunately the content which was removed cannot be restored.
I can offer you our sincere apologies - and a one year free subscription extension, which will be applied to your account.
I hope you can accept them both as a token of goodwill.

Gil Sideman
The Voki Team

Any other teacher who experienced the same problem - please let us know and we will similarly issue a free account extension.