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btw - we tested the "Contact us" page - we could not see a problem, contacts received.

Why did you think that your messages were not received? 

Hi Fiona,

Login to your Voki account.

Under "settings" menu at top right (where you see your name) Select the "My Account" page. 

Here you can deactivate your account or turn off auto-billing (or both).




Contact us page - we'll look into it, thanx.

Hello Cinthia,

To deactivate your paid subscription, go to your "Account Info" page - and deactivate "Automatic Billing" - and you will no longer be charged. 

There is no reason to deactivate your account - as you can keep on using the account in "Basic" mode, once your paid subscription lapses. But, if you prefer, you can deactivate your account (also in "Account Info" page).

I hope this helps. If you have specific questions please write to support@voki.com.



The Voki Team


We've identified a problem that causes the Voki app to crash on some Android devices.

We're working on a fix for this issue - should be addressed in the next few days.

Thank you for calling our attention to this problem.



We'll look into it.

Which App are you using?  iOS or Android?

Hello Ian,

This might happen if you clear your browser cookies regularly (or block them). Our mechanism relies on cookies to identify your logged in session. 

When you return to your computer and re-open the browser, & no cookie is found - it does not recognize the continuity.

If you can enable cookies for voki.com and oddcast.com - that should resolve.

Let me know how goes.



The Voki Team


Please send a note to support@voki.com - and we will help you with that.

Best regards, Gil

Envíe una nota a support@voki.com y le ayudaremos con eso.
Saludos, Gil

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