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Julia -

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I'm glad we were able to help!

We've been suffering from a systems problem since yesterday where some emails are not being sent out as they should be. Our engineers are on it, but in the meantime, anyone who signs up and does not receive their activation email, pls send a note to and we will take care of you.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The Voki Team

Lyonel -

We are looking into the problem - but to solve the immediate issue please send a note to support@voki,com.

apologies for the inconvenience.


Sure -

The support engineer will either send another email or manually activate your account.

Skeletal crew on the weekend though - you may only see a response tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.


Julia -

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Please send a note to and we will help you out.



The Voki Team

Well -

Your Voki can be shared in several ways - but the simplest way is as a link.

Just like you can share any link with your teacher - you can share your Voki.

After you save your character, you are taken to the "publish and share" page

one of the options here is the permalink. Copy the link and share it with your teacher.

Hope this helps,


Hi Lila -

Thanks for your suggestion!

Voki's primary focus is serving the education community - and as such we are not likely to prioritize solutions for youtube vlogging - important as that may be.

Best regards,


Susan -

Looking into it.

Will advise.


Hi Susan - is our official customer support address - and you should expect to receive a response within 2 working days (though we usually respond on the same day and monitor emails on weekends).

If you have not received a response from support, please monitor your email junk folder - sometimes emails get categorized as spam. is not a support vehicle, but a way for customers to provide well.. feedback.

We review the incoming emails carefully, discuss them, and usually respond, but without specific urgency.

This week the person who normally monitors feedback is out on vacation - and that might be why you have not received a response.

Is there any way I can help or advise?



Hi Rob -

Please send your purchase details to and request a refund.

Under our 30 day guarantee no reason is required.



The Voki Team

Yes - there is a problem affecting 3 voices due to a configuration problem on our servers - should be fixed shortly.