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Hi -

This issue has been resolved. We discovered that our Voki Avatar conflicted with other a 3rd party code that you used on your site. That's why it was not loading. We've updated our code to prevent this problem. Voki loads fine on your page now. Please take a look.



Got it. I passed this along to engineering - I should have an answer for you by tomorrow.



Hi -

Can you please post a link to your weebly page where the problem is evident?

We'd be very interested to examine the issue.

If you prefer - send the link to support@voki.come.



Livia -

We are not immediately able to recreate this problem.

Before looking deeper into it - please try to clear your browser's cache, and then try again.

Here's how -


Let me know if this does not resolve the problem.



Hi Jennifer -

Please clear your browser cache and try again.

here's how - http://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/

If you are still seeing a problem - please send a note to support@voki.com - and provide your login email for both accounts. we will look into it further.


Jennifer - I looked into it and was not immediately able to recreate the problem.

Can you explain in more detail how you created the audio and how it was uploaded?

Most likely reason for the problem:

You might not be logged in

Or - you were not logged in when you previously saved your characters to the library

Or - you are logged in now as a different user than you were when you saved the characters to the library

If none of the above seems likely - please send us a note to support@voki.com and we will look into it further.



Voki has published only one mobile app for iOS - here -


another (identical) app for Android will be published soon.

We are not aware of any other Voki app - does this answer your question?

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