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When you sign up for Premium Voki, you are asked for a credit card for automated billing.which you can cancel anytime. If you do not cancel, we have no way of guessing that you want your subscription stopped.

Cancelling auto-billing is simple.

- Login to your account

- goto the my Account page

- disable automatic billing.

or - write a note to support@voki.com and we will take care of it for you.

No reason is required, and we do not make it difficult for anyone to discontinue.

Why you got that impression is unclear - but I'll be happy to know more about it.

Others are invited to comment.



We're looking into it - apparently some voices are temporarily unavailable - try using the voices Paul or Julie - those work well - while we resolve this.

Hi Savage -

We are suffering from a technical outage of our TTS voices.

Hope to have a solution soon.

Hi all -

To clarify, Oddcast Inc, a NYC based company, developed and proudly operates the Voki educational suite of products, with some services offered for free, and others paid. We are not always easy to reach by phone (Voki does not officially offer phone support - to save costs) but we always answer our email support line, typically within one working day.

The best way to reach Voki support is to send a note to support@voki.com. Note: Support is only offered to paid customers.

We offer a 30 day unconditional money back guaranty - and always honor it.



The Voki Team

Hi -

This issue has been resolved. We discovered that our Voki Avatar conflicted with other a 3rd party code that you used on your site. That's why it was not loading. We've updated our code to prevent this problem. Voki loads fine on your page now. Please take a look.



Got it. I passed this along to engineering - I should have an answer for you by tomorrow.



Hi -

Can you please post a link to your weebly page where the problem is evident?

We'd be very interested to examine the issue.

If you prefer - send the link to support@voki.come.



Livia -

We are not immediately able to recreate this problem.

Before looking deeper into it - please try to clear your browser's cache, and then try again.

Here's how -


Let me know if this does not resolve the problem.



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