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Hello PiKo!

To deactivate your account - go to "My Account" page - accessible from the "welcome" menu at top right.

There you may deactivate your account if you so choose.

If you find that you need assistance with this or any other issue - please send a note to our support team at support@voki.com.



The Voki Team

Hi Kim - 

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.

Please do send a note to our support and we will help you complete the sign up - if you already did so I'm sure we will respond soon.

We'll have a look at the password requirements and make sure they are clearer. Last thing we want is to cause frustration! 




Go to the support page - Blog is one of the options under "Support".



Hi Tammy!

I'm sorry you are experiencing a problem.

Which browser/platform are you using?

Hi Tiffany!

I need to know the email you signed on with in order to look into it. 

If you would rather not post it here - please send a note to support@voki.com.

If you post it here - I will remove the email from the forum later.



Hello !

The tech world has changed - rejecting Flash, but also in many cases rejecting alternatives to Flash.

We have invested a great effort, since you last experienced Voki, to implement our speaking characters using current web technologies. But many environments that previously accepted embedded Flash objects - like powerpoint - do not accept HTML5 & JavaScript. 

A possible alternative is to use Voki Presenter - a presentation program designed to use our Voki characters. Check it out.

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

Hi BNV - 

very sorry about the inconvenience.

You might want to clear your browser cache - and try again. 

Let me know.



The Voki Team