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Hello Fabian - 

If you do not wish to be charged moving forward, you can turn off automatic billing in your My Account page.

Once your license expires - the account will be deactivated.

If you need assistance - please send a note to



Hello - 

Our QA team reviewed Free (Basic) account functionality, specifically saving & sharing a Voki. Their review covered all browsers on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. They did not encounter any problem. 

Without knowing more, my only suggestion would be to clear your browser cache and cookies - sometimes that can help clear unexplained problems.

Best regards


The Voki Team


Some share options are not available for Basic Voki - but you do have access to - 

* post to facebook

* post to twitter

* share by email

* get permalink (which really lets you post anywhere)

We are not aware of a problem and we don't see a problem saving.

Which browser are you using?

Which share option is unavailable or fails for you?

Please let me know.



The Voki Team

Yes of course - we no longer use Flash to render our characters - we use modern HTML5 animation that works on all browsers and platforms.

When you choose to publish your character you will see several options, one of them is "embed code" - when you select this option, you can grab a piece of code to place on your page to publish your Voki.

You may however encounter a different problem - as some platforms refuse to allow users to embed Javascript code, and our characters contain code to make them run.

If you encounter this problem, your only option is to publish the URL (use "get URL" publish option) to provide visitors a link to click on. I know full well it is not the same & if you encounter this issue in your favorite platform, we encourage you to write to them and ask them to make an exception and allow Voki on your page.

Good luck, 


The Voki Team


I believe all problems you reported have been addressed. 

Please let me know if you still experience any problem.

Best regards,


The Voki Team

Hello - 

Our support team has filled me in about problems (with Voki Presenter) which you reported.

I believe our team is working on improving/fixing those issues.
Stay tuned.


Hello !

I am disappointed to hear you had an unsatisfactory support experience.

We try to provide excellent and timely service, but sometimes we do not live up to our intentions. But I'd like to believe that we learn and do better.

I'd like to do my best to change your perception. What specifically went wrong and how can I help?



The Voki Team