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Hello! please send a note to and we will take care of it right away.
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Hi Lisa - 

This is odd - please send a note to - and our team will look into it right away.

Can you pls advise what browser/platform you are on?


Dear Liberty - 

There's a technical problem with that voice & we've removed it from use until addressed.

Please select another US voice for now. There are several good ones, personally I'd recommend James or Paul.

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The SitePal Team

Hi Elaine - 

The best way is if they send them to you.

Students have the option to "share" their scenes. 

Share options include "Get Link" & "Email" - using either of these options the student can deliver the link to you.

For example - they can include the link in a word document as part of a larger report or assignment.

Or simply email their Voki to you (using the project name as the email subject perhaps)

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

Por favor envíe una nota a y nosotros nos encargaremos de esto por usted.


Our support team accessed your account and logged in as a student and are able to view assignments fine. Please try it yourself by logging in as one of your students. If you do not immediately see - please try clearing browser cache and login again.

Please let me know how goes.

Our support engineer will follow up with you directly.