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Hello !

The tech world has changed - rejecting Flash, but also in many cases rejecting alternatives to Flash.

We have invested a great effort, since you last experienced Voki, to implement our speaking characters using current web technologies. But many environments that previously accepted embedded Flash objects - like powerpoint - do not accept HTML5 & JavaScript. 

A possible alternative is to use Voki Presenter - a presentation program designed to use our Voki characters. Check it out.

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

Hi BNV - 

very sorry about the inconvenience.

You might want to clear your browser cache - and try again. 

Let me know.



The Voki Team

Hello Maribel!

Clear your browser cache & cookies & you should be fine.



The Voki Team

Hi Gloria - 

Can you tell me please if you used the Voki mobile app when you encountered this issue, or the Voki web site?

Thanks - your input will help us understand the problem.




That's a great question.

In designing the HTML5 Voki editor (several years ago now) we had settled on a certain set of features - and correctly or mistakenly it was thought that movement and placement of the Voki character within the Scene frame was not necessary, and does potentially lead to problems. In an effort to "keep it simple" and concentrate on the core functionality - we decided as we did, with each Voki character centrally placed & scaled according to that character's unique design.

I would not rule out a reversal of this decision, but, since the HTML5 Editor was launched, I believe this is the first time that this issue has been raised by a customer. 

To answer your question more specifically - the Flash editor is deprecated and we cannot make it available (even if we did, browsers are on track to stop supporting Flash later this year).

We do offer a speaking character product for business use which does offer this and many other features not available in Voki - not sure if relevant for your needs, but please do check out

I hope this makes sense.

Best regards,


Linda - Thank you for this feedback.

We've found that there can be problems to record for users with low upload bandwidth, and specifically on Mac Safari browser.

We're looking at both of these issues - and I hope to have an improvement before long.

Very sorry about the student's frustration. For now I suggest to tell students that if the recording does not work well - use the text-to-speech input instead for the moment.



ps. is the student working on a Mac?