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A Voki is not a video - it is a dynamic animation. 

It can be played (opened) in any browser just by clicking it - but, again,  it is not a video.

What are you trying to do with Voki?  Please explain why you need a video & perhaps I can advise further.



Creating animated characters using your own images is supported with our SitePal product (but not available in Voki)

Please see more information here -


Hope this helps. Best regards,



La creación de personajes animados con sus propias imágenes es compatible con nuestro producto SitePal (pero no está disponible en Voki)
Consulte más información aquí:


Espero que esto ayude. Atentamente,


I think that students may be more comfortable using the Voki app on the mobile device. 

The browser version will work on iPad - but some of the options/buttons may be a bit inconvenient to handle without a mouse.

The mobile app was designed to work on mobile with touch - so it would be better.

Note that there is not cost involved. App download is free - and as soon as students download & launch the app, they should login to their online account from the app (login under the options menu at top right). If you are a paid subscriber, then all your students can unlock the Voki app just by logging in.

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

Hello Natalia - 

Please send a note to support@voki.com and we will review what happened and take care of it for you.

Best regards,


The Voki Team


Olá Natalia -

Envie uma nota para support@voki.com e nós revisaremos o que aconteceu e cuidaremos disso para você.
Equipe Voki

Joanna - 

This is not currently possible - but we are working on sharing presentations with students,  at which point it will become possible. Soon.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Best regards,


The Voki Team

Hello Joanna - 

Our QA just reviewed loading and working with the Voki site, on several Chromebooks.

No problem was noticed.

My best guess (just a guess) is that the student's chromebooks are perhaps configured by the school to use the school server as a proxy - or to use a VPN connection - either way they are behind the school firewall.

Please check with your IT - and ask them if they could enable web browsing access to the following domains - 




Also - to use the record-by-mic feature (allow students to record their own voice using the computer's mic) - IT will also need to enable:
* Ports 1935, 443 and 80 to access RTMP, RTMP/E, RTMFP, RTMPT & HTTP protocols.

Please try and let me know - I hope this proves to be the reason.



Hello Joanna - 

I'm sorry to hear. This is odd and I could use a bit more info.

Are the students remotely connected to the school network? (I'm thinking perhaps school firewall restriction)

Is the problem limited to student chromebooks? 

Is there anyone not using a chromebook & is that person not experiencing the problem?

Are you yourself seeing the same problem on your computer?

if only on chromebook, are all the chromebooks the same make and model?  Which?

Thank you,


The Voki Team

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