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Thank you for your comment! 

We are considering this amongst other potential updates to the Voki product. 

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¡Gracias por tu comentario!
Estamos considerando esto entre otras posibles actualizaciones del producto Voki.
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I just tried it and jpeg upload worked fine for me.

Please send us your jpeg file to support@voki.com - and if possible please include a screenshot of the error/problem you see, so that we may best advise.



THe Voki Team 

Hello Yuckfin!

We're working on a solution that will be video based.

As a side note I'd like to point out that we've had a non Flash solution for years (our characters do not use Flash in any way) - but we were forced to keep Flash available as an option for teachers to use because of applications like Canvas that do not permit modern HTML5 animation to be embedded in their pages (though they do permit the now-nearly-obsolete Flash technology).

As noted - we're working on an alternative solution that's Video based.

We have no ETA - but hope to have it by end of year. 
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The Voki Team

A Voki is not a video - it is a dynamic animation. 

It can be played (opened) in any browser just by clicking it - but, again,  it is not a video.

What are you trying to do with Voki?  Please explain why you need a video & perhaps I can advise further.