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A quick update - 

this will not be resolved today, hopefully tomorrow. 

Stay tuned

We just became familiar with it. 

We'll be looking to address this issue asap - hopefully today.

Apologies for the inconvenience.



Hello Sams!

Voki Presentations are designed to auto-play the Voki character when a slide is entered. 

Thus it was deemed best not to auto-play a video, if a video is embedded in the page.

The video will play (of course) when you click the play button in the video.

I hope this helps. Regards,


The Voki Team

Hello! If our support team advised that a refund is being issued, then it certainly will be. The process does take several days. Thank you for your patience.

Best regards,



I referred this issue to our support team (yesterday) - they should have already gotten back to you.

I am sure it will be cleared up if it has not been already.

Best regards,


The Voki Team


Bu sorunu destek ekibimize ilettim (dün) - zaten size geri dönmüş olmalıydılar.
Daha önce yapılmadıysa temizleneceğine eminim.
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