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Hi Eric,

things are not going well. I ́ve tried as you advice but not has change.
I ́ve created 2 others voki - one of them in other browse (IE) and the same problem occured.

The first 2 voki i ́ve created are still ok (audio ok, embedding ok, editting ok).

Trere ́s a thing I realised is that time lenght is shown only in my first voki (last saved 9/23/13)



The text is:

Habilitar o aluno a prevenir e a solucionar conflitos existentes na relação de consumo.
O aluno deverá ser capaz de lidar com problemas, acessar informações, elaborar argumentações e estratégias de ação compatíveis com as posições de consumidor, fornecedor e agente público.
bons estudos!

The web page is the voki page itself (

Dear Eric,

When I edit voki the audio is normal (I always test to check the pronounciation by clicking "play" icon) but after click in "publish" the voki has no audio anymore.
I ́m using the following configurations:
file name: modulo2
language voki: Portuguese (brazilian accent)
Character: Fernanda (Brazil)
# of words: 46
text lenght: 305 whithin spaces

I publish in my website but when I click in voki published there ́s no audio.