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cathyc 8 year бұрын updated by Faith Mutopo 7 year бұрын 6
Hi. We have tried email but received no response. Are we allowed to use the free version and remove the voki ad that appears in the clips? Perhaps you would have made it a watermark if you didn't want it removed? Is the ad also in the paid version. Thanks Cathy
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Cathy - which ad specifically are you referring to?

Can you post a link or screen shot to make it clear?

Voki Team
Hi. I mean the logo that appears: the speech bubble with voki in it, like on this page at the top right.
Cathy - 
The Voki branding is an inherent part of the Voki character wherever displayed.
We have another product where our speaking characters can be used without branding - not free but very reasonably priced - take a look at www.sitepal.com
Voki Team

Thanks, I figured that was probably so, but it is possible to cut it out by resizing and so we weren't sure. We'll take a look at the paid version then.