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Entire presentation disappeared. WHERE DID IT GO!!!

Nagwa Ali il y a 6 ans dans Voki FAQs mis à jour par Gil Sideman il y a 6 ans 2

Hello! I created a new presentation on Voki and as soon as I finished the 27th slide, the entire presentation disappeared. WHERE DID IT GO!!! I need to retrieve it

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Nagwa -

I don't have a good answer for you.

With the launch of the new Voki 2.0 site we have been looking at several anomalies & problems - most of them have been fixed, but this issue is not among them because we have not been able to reproduce the problem.

Our QA folks have been trying today to recreate this issue without success.

Our engineering will look at this tomorrow to see if they can locate your data.

If we can't locate your presentation content - there may be no recourse but to recreate it.

In the meantime I recommend to duplicate your presentation each time before editing.

We'll be looking at this further tomorrow.



Nagwa - After consulting with our support engineers I've been advised that your presentation contents have been restored. Let us know if additional problems are noticed.