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fiona_cameron33 2 months ago updated by Gil Sideman 4 weeks ago 9

There is no option on the My Account page to cancel. Please cancel my account or make that option available so people can do so without a long wait. The contact us page does not work either. Messages don't go through on that page.


I received instructions for how to cancel the account but the instructions do not reflect the options that are available to me so I still cannot cancel the account. I reported that the Contact Us page returned an error msg when I tried to submit and now the Contact Us page is no longer visible.

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Hi Fiona,

Login to your Voki account.

Under "settings" menu at top right (where you see your name) Select the "My Account" page. 

Here you can deactivate your account or turn off auto-billing (or both).




Contact us page - we'll look into it, thanx.

There is no "My account" page. After I log into the account, I click my account name as you suggested; however, the only options available from the menu that appears is "user profile," "notifications," and "sign out." The user profile page only has the user avatar, time zone, password, name, and email. Where is the My Account page that you referenced?

Okay, that was the Community user profile page. I returned to voki.com instead of community.voki.com and found the "My Account" page; however, there is no option to deactivate an account on that page either. The only available options are to edit your personal information, upgrade your account, add students, edit your image, sign up for the newsletter, or view your product Id. Please provide a screen shot of where you say there is an option to deactivate an account because that option is not visible and I would very much like to deactivate my account ASAP.

Hi Fiona - 

I'm glad you found the right page on the right site!  That's great!

Please see in below screenshot the location of the Active button. Turn OFF this setting to deactivate your account & you will never be charged again.

The same effect can be achieved by turning OFF Auto-Billing (which you can also see here).

In case you still cannot locate the deactivation button, send us a note to our support and we will deactivate it for you.

Btw, once subscription is disabled, you can still use your account in Basic mode, for free.

Hope this helps,


The Voki Team

I do not have these settings because I was browsing the free version. I simply would like to remove my account. It appears that the free versions does not give you that option. Please remove my account from your server.

Please send an email to our support at support@voki.com - and ask for your account & personal details  to be removed, and we will take care of it for you.




btw - we tested the "Contact us" page - we could not see a problem, contacts received.

Why did you think that your messages were not received? 

I would test the Contact Us page again, but it's no longer visible so I can't test it. All I can remember is that it returned an error message every time I tried to submit a message and I tried it several times. Why is the Contact Us page no longer available?