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Elson Teixeira 9 år siden opdateret af Eva 8 år siden 7
Please help me! I ́m trying to create my 3rd voki (1st & 2nd were ok) and when I click "publish" the voki has no soud anymore. I click in "edit" and all I did were ok. Is there any limit of voki I can create?
Hi Elson,

Sorry to hear you're having issues. There isn't a limit to the number of Vokis you can create. Are you saying the Voki doesn't have audio when a user tries to view it after you share it, but you can hear audio when editing it?

Does the user when viewing your Voki have the most up to date Flash and Shockwave player?

Dear Eric,

When I edit voki the audio is normal (I always test to check the pronounciation by clicking "play" icon) but after click in "publish" the voki has no audio anymore.
I ́m using the following configurations:
file name: modulo2
language voki: Portuguese (brazilian accent)
Character: Fernanda (Brazil)
# of words: 46
text lenght: 305 whithin spaces

I publish in my website but when I click in voki published there ́s no audio.

Hi Elson,

Can you give us the text you are giving your Voki and give us the webpage where the Voki so we can test?


The text is:

Habilitar o aluno a prevenir e a solucionar conflitos existentes na relação de consumo.
O aluno deverá ser capaz de lidar com problemas, acessar informações, elaborar argumentações e estratégias de ação compatíveis com as posições de consumidor, fornecedor e agente público.
bons estudos!

The web page is the voki page itself (http://www.voki.com/mywebsite.php)

Hi Elson,

I tried creating a Voki myself with the text you provided using the language and voice you indicated. When I go to the My Voki page, select the Voki and click play, it seems to work fine.

Your first two saved Vokis play just fine? Have you tried creating a 4th or 5th Voki? Do those play? It's odd that if you're on the same machine and some of the Vokis play and others don't. Try creating another Voki with exactly the same character, text, voice and see if that one works.

Hi Eric,

things are not going well. I ́ve tried as you advice but not has change.
I ́ve created 2 others voki - one of them in other browse (IE) and the same problem occured.

The first 2 voki i ́ve created are still ok (audio ok, embedding ok, editting ok).

Trere ́s a thing I realised is that time lenght is shown only in my first voki (last saved 9/23/13)



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