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Can't record new audio

lisa withrow fa 2 anys updated by Gil Sideman fa 2 anys 1

Up until yesterday I was able to record with the microphone and everything was just fine. Now, every time I try to record audio the finished, saved product only plays a piece of audio I made yesterday morning.  I've tried new vokis, different characters, everything I can think of but no matter what, the only audio I get is an old discarded track.  I cleared my cache but that didn't have any effect.  

Unrelated, but I created an avatar and saved it to the library. I was using it daily for lesson videos for students and then last week my library was empty and she is nowhere to be found.

Under review

Hi Lisa - 

This is odd - please send a note to support@voki.com - and our team will look into it right away.

Can you pls advise what browser/platform you are on?