Mysterious Avatar Disappearance

Stacy Jent 8 years ago updated by Eva Diep 8 years ago 6
My avatar has mysteriously disappeared from my teacher webpage. It worked fine until recently. I tried to re-embed the html code, but it did not work.
Hi Stacy!

Please send us a link to that Voki and we'll look into it!

The Voki Team
A link to the website it went missing from?

It is supposed to be in the empty box on the home page, under the mountain climber.
HI Stacy,

I see the Voki there and it's loading for me. Please try to install: http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/
Reboot the machine and then try.

The Voki Team
I now can see it when I log in from Mozilla Firefox, but still can't from Google Chrome. Weird...
Hi Stacy

Please check if flash player is enabled on Chrome from Add on option: chrome://extensions/

The Voki Team